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We just love sweets!

I first started baking around 2018 and had only a few pans and supplies to start with. I would bake for family and friends on birthdays or other special occasions, or sometimes raid my best friend’s house to bring her cupcakes when I made too many. Within the next year I gained access to more baking supplies and further worked on my skills as a baker. Things got a bit more serious in the 2020s, when I had more baking pans and piping tips and was experimenting with new creations. 


Baking had become a therapy for me. As someone who was diagnosed by a mental health professional, one of my goals as a baker and a person is to reach out to others who may be struggling with the same thing through my baked goods. If the things I make could put a temporary smile on their face, then that would be enough for me, because a second of happiness is better than none at all.

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